Nona Carroll

Chief Strategy Officer

Nona Carroll serves as the Chief Strategy Officer for the Maryland Business Roundtable for Education, a nonprofit coalition of leading employers that have made a long-term commitment to support education reform and improve students’ achievement in Maryland. The Maryland Business Roundtable for Education creates and implements various programs aimed at engaging students in grades K-12 in science, technology, engineering and mathematics studies in order to provide opportunities in future job markets.

As the Chief Strategy Officer for the Maryland Business Roundtable for Education, Nona is responsible for developing and monitoring a full-scale annual project plan for the Speakers Bureau and STEM Specialists in the Classroom programs, impacting over 30,000 Maryland students each year. Nona works to establish relationships and develop strategy within each school system in the state and recruits and manages 1,000 volunteers to participate in the program statewide. In addition to managing the MBRT’s volunteer program, Nona also creates the tools used to evaluate the program and assess its effectiveness, and communicates those results to the Maryland Business Roundtable for Education’s Board of Directors, funders and stakeholders.

Nona, who earned her Bachelor’s degree at Colorado State University and Master’s degree at Webster University, started her career at T. Rowe Price as an associate and was soon moved into a supervisory role for the company. In this capacity, Nona provided career guidance to employees through goal-setting action planning, and partnered with business leaders to create a Diversity Specific Speakers series for associates. Nona was soon promoted to Senior Training Consultant at T. Rowe Price Associates and worked to deliver competency based training to various levels of employees. In this position, she also served as the Project Manager for Diversity and Inclusion Enrichment and Education Programs, developed diversity web-based training for associates globally, and provided additional resources to help reinforce diversity and inclusion for supervisors and managers to utilize upon completion of enrichment sessions.

Prior to joining the Maryland Business Roundtable for Education in 2011, Nona was promoted to Diversity and Inclusion Consultant at T. Rowe Price Associates. During this time, she was responsible for leading the organization’s comprehensive diversity and inclusion strategy and integrating those strategies into work practices through partnering with diversity practitioners, HR, business leaders, and associates. Nona worked to build awareness of the company’s diversity and inclusion efforts in partnership with the Communication/Marketing teams, and enhance the firm’s image and commitment to the community through active participation in community events in/outside of the organization. In addition to these efforts, she partnered with the Recruitment Team to hire diverse talent and developed programs that supported the education and retention of the employees she helped to acquire.