The rapidly changing workplace requires a well-educated, highly skilled workforce. For years, employers have complained about the lack of preparedness demonstrated by the majority of young people entering the workforce.

A major goal of the MBRT is to dramatically improve the quality of tomorrow’s workforce.

MBRT believes that one of the best roles for business to play in ensuring its own good future is to work closely with schools and students, providing them with a realistic view of today’s and tomorrow’s workplace, defining the skills necessary to succeed in it, and reinforcing the correlation between achievement in school and success in the workplace.

MBRT provides the opportunity for business to play this important role.

Through the MBRT, more than 100 member companies and 3,000 volunteers have taken an active role in pushing for high standards, rigorous assessments and strong accountability; developing plans that strengthen teaching and learning; providing assistance to schools; and demonstrating the fundamental relationship between performance in school and success in the workplace.

Results will be:

  • More qualified workers for companies
  • More astute customers for products and services
  • More opportunity for young people

MBRT is the only statewide group exclusively dedicated to K-12 education reform. It is recognized from the State House to the school house as the business organization with the expertise and clout to influence the creation of a world-class education system.

The MBRT has earned awards for its effectiveness from, The Business Roundtable, state education and business organizations.

Your input is important.
Your commitment is vital.
Your participation will improve student performance.


  • Membership in a business coalition that targets corporate involvement and resources in high-yield strategies that are results-driven
  • The opportunity to assist schools in areas of business’ greatest strengths and receive training in the school improvement process
  • A voice at the table to design innovations that are directly linked to student performance, and consequently, to the workforce of the future
  • If you are interested in becoming a member, or would like to request more information, please call 410-788-0333 or e-mail us here>


  • Assignment of a senior level executive to serve on one of our priority committees
  • CEO participation in an annual meeting with the Governor, State Superintendent of Schools and CEOs of our companies to monitor the progress of school reform in Maryland
  • An annual contribution to support MBRT’s operating budget (tax exempt)


You can help improve tomorrow’s workforce while – at the same time – providing opportunity to today’s young people.

  • Visit our MBRT Committees list for detailed descriptions of various ways you can get involved.
  • Encourage employees and/or members of your organization to volunteer for MBRT’s programs.
  • Promote MBRT’s Parents Count messages and webpage to employees and/or members and encourage their active involvement in their child’s education.
  • Publicly support the new common core standards/assessments.
  • Assist needy schools in their efforts to ensure technology access to all students.
  • Help fund MBRT’s Achievement Counts campaign (programs for students, teachers, parents).
  • Recruit new MBRT members .
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