About MBRT

Founded in 1992, the Maryland Business Roundtable for Education (MBRT) is a coalition of more than 100 leading employers that have made a long-term commitment to support education reform and improve student achievement in Maryland.

MBRT works to achieve meaningful, measurable and systemic improvement in schools and student achievement. We believe the keys to this improvement are high standards, rigorous assessments, and strong accountability.

We identify the most compelling educational issues that need to be addressed, and target our involvement where we can be most effective. Our objectives are ambitious, but we are convinced that their achievement will result in a brighter future for Maryland — its business, its citizens, and its children. More than 3,000 volunteers work with MBRT on efforts to ensure that Maryland students are well prepared to succeed in the 21st century.

MBRT supports – and works to preserve and improve – key elements of school reform through leadership changes in the legislature, the executive office, and State Board of Education. MBRT successfully pushed for more rigorous standards, assessments, and graduation requirements.

MBRT launched Achievement Counts — an innovative and highly-acclaimed campaign that demonstrates the important connection between achievement in school and success in the workplace. Elements include:

Since 1999, a Speakers Bureau consisting of 3,000 volunteers has made presentations to over 600,000 students in 8th and 9th grade in 140 middle schools in 24 school districts.

The Maryland Scholars program ensures that more students are well prepared to succeed in life and in college by encouraging students to take and master rigorous high school coursework — particularly in math and science. MBRT provides speakers to help motivate and guide students as they are preparing to select courses for their high school program and incentives to encourage students to stay the course throughout high school.

The Parents Count website provides parents with monthly information on how they can help their child succeed in school. Every month, hundreds of businesses and organizations promote the webpage to employees and members.

Be What I Want To Be. com is an interactive teen website that sustains the Achievement Counts conversation with teens. It reaches over 220,000 students of many ages, and moves them from interest in careers to action. The site bolsters student motivation by highlighting exciting careers, demonstrating what a student will need to accomplish in school to succeed in college and qualify for a great job, and providing examples of outstanding student and employee work … all in an engaging, multi-media format. (visit site)

In partnership with the Daily Record, MBRT creates the Be What i Want To Be magazine. The career exploration publication is delivered to students in classroom across Maryland.   Annually, 90,000 magazine copies are distributed.

MBRT is leading the creation of Maryland’s STEM Innovation Network. STEMnet will provide universal access to STEM information, resources, and opportunities in Maryland by establishing a virtual environment in which communities of practice will emerge to promote new and innovative programs and share critical information.


To bring the voice of business to support high standards, rigorous assessments, and strong accountability in K-12 education and to demonstrate the connection between achievement in school and the success in the workplace, in college and in life.

* Influence policies and practices affecting education

* Leverage public and private expertise and resources

* Impact educational outcomes and college and workplace readiness


All children in Maryland achieve a quality education and are well prepared for college, the workplace and a productive, successful life.

* The Maryland high school diploma signifies achievement of high standards

* The public carries the banner for education excellence

* The system of continuous school improvement is self-sustaining


  1. MBRT is the only statewide business group exclusively dedicated to strengthening P-20 education and improving student achievement and workforce preparedness.
  2. Chaired by Gloria Flach of Northrop Grumman and founded in 1992 by Lockheed Martin’s former CEO Norm Augustine, MBRT is a nonprofit coalition of nearly 100 leading employers, 3,000 volunteers, and a staff of eight dedicated to ensuring that Maryland students receive a quality education and are well prepared for productive, successful lives.
  3. Working at both the policy and the grassroots levels, MBRT brings the voice of business to deliberations that shape Maryland’s future workforce and leaders.
  4. Maryland employers share MBRT’s concern about the quality of the workforce pipeline and a desire to ensure a bright future for our children, our communities, and our state.
  5. MBRT is a key link to Maryland’s workforce pipeline – middle and high school students.  MBRT presents in middle and high school classrooms across the state talking to students about the need for them to take and complete rigorous courses, particularly in math & science by providing resources and volunteers in classrooms to help accelerate teacher and student growth.
  6. Through Maryland Scholars, MBRT reaches nearly 80,000 students each year and has a powerful impact on student achievement and career choices and preparation:
    • 3,000 business volunteers
    • Partnerships in all 24 Maryland school districts
    • Direct access to middle and high schools in the state
    • An online volunteer management system & refresher training module (mbrt.org/speak)
    • An innovative, interactive website for teens to explore careers (bewhatiwanttobe.com)
    • An electronic system to deliver information and advice to parents (mbrt.org/parents)
    • An abundance of meaningful data on course completion and student action
    • A proven track record of success
  7. Data shows that 12,500 more Maryland high school graduates qualified Maryland Scholars between 2008 and 2012. More students are completing Algebra 2, a 4th math, and a 4th science. Over 255,000 students are working online at bewhatiwanttobe.com to increase their chances of success in high school, college and beyond.
  8. MBRT co-chaired the Governor’s STEM Task Force and is leading the creation of Maryland’s STEM Innovation Network –STEMnet–including resources and services for students, teachers, and parents to strengthen teaching and learning in science, technology, engineering and math (mbrt.org/STEM).
  9.  MBRT works in close partnership with state and local education agencies, economic and workforce development officials, and business and community organizations.
  10. MBRT’s operating budget is funded by corporate, higher education and government memberships; and its program budget is funded by government, corporate and foundation support.




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